What Makes Coco Crafted Organic Chocolates Stand Out

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About Coco Crafted Organic Chocolates

We’re Deborah and Michael, and we’ve been partners for over eight years in the food industry. Together, we own and run a hand-crafted organic chocolate and ice cream shop called Coco Crafted Organic Chocolates.

I come from a fine arts background, and Michael has years of experience as a festival producer. Together we work out of a small shop in the Baby Point BIA for six days a week, and during the holidays, we serve customers for seven days straight. Our regular hours are from 10 am to 6 pm from Tuesday to Saturday and noon to 5 pm on Sundays.

We usually extend our hours during the busy periods in December, February, March, and April. This is because November and December mark the beginning of our busy chocolate season, which lasts all Winter and well into April. Once the warm weather starts, the ice cream season kicks into high gear. Given the model of our business, there are several smaller peaks during the year with very few valleys.

Moreover, our shop is located on Jane Street in a very supportive community, and this significantly adds to our success. The community’s anticipation and excitement of having an organic chocolate shop in their neighborhood was evident from their daily inquiries while we completed our renovations. There’s also the fact that several customers have enjoyed our chocolatey creations so much that they’ve sent them to Europe, the U.S. and across Canada for friends and relatives.

Currently, we’re entering our ninth year as a business, after opening in 2012. The idea of venturing into chocolate-making came about in 2010 after a friend invited me to a chocolate class in a small chocolate shop. After the workshop, the owner offered me a job, and the rest was history.

Today, when we look at Coco Crafted Organic Chocolates, we see a creative endeavor where what is made comes from unique creativity or suggestions from customers. Some of our creations are even the result of fantastic accidents. Our chocolate options are rotated through the year, depending on the season or on what ingredients are available at the time. There are, of course, the standard favorites, but the shop has an evolving laid back feel, and so far it has been working out well for our customers and us.

The Coco Crafted Organic Chocolates Difference

As dedicated chocolatiers, we produce some of the finest chocolates and ice creams in the area. While we are proud of our creative efforts, we are immensely pleased with the close relationships that we’ve built with many of our customers.

To satisfy our clients and keep them coming back, we make sure to use organic and fresh ingredients in our products, indulge in creative inputs, and take on adaptable strategies. Paying attention to detail and customer service are also part of our primary strengths.

When customers drop-in, we offer them the option to choose any chocolate that they like to create a complete box. That way, they can have customized selections as per their satisfaction and taste.

Our concept of organic chocolates has really intrigued people from near and far. This has helped us boost our annual sales continuously. However, what really keeps us in business is our repeat customers who prefer our products over others due to our high quality and impeccable service.

During our first year of business, we were voted as the most favorite chocolate shop by Now Magazine. This recognition really improved our visibility and increased our sales. To this day, we continue to match the same quality that wowed our clients when we first started, which has been our key to success over the years.

Our average costumers are generally people we have grown to know over time and regularly see at our store. They keep coming back because our products are top notch and our services are personalized to their needs. For example, if customers find it challenging to pick out chocolates for their friends and family, we help them prepare the perfect selection for their loved ones according to their preferences.

Besides enjoying the support of our customers and community, we also like to give back by supporting as many local non-profit organizations as possible with yearly donations. We even strive to be environmentally conscious. To contribute to the betterment of the environment, we use compostable containers made from recycled products. We try to create as little garbage as possible to preserve our environment. At the same time, we make sure to use Fair Trade ingredients when possible. Additionally, we like to support local causes every month. This includes local schools, churches, and non-profit organizations.

To learn more about all that we do at Coco Crafted Organic Chocolates, please click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here

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